7/19/17 - Arcade Bytes - Power 101 For The Basement Arcade
I get asked this alot about how I power my home arcade. This short minisode explains it all, in a fun way.

7/07/17 - New Rock Dad Episode filmed at the Vintage Vault Arcade!
Rock Dad & The Vintage Vault Arcade
Episode 15: Dimension Jump

Have you ever wondered how the choices you made in life could have shaped an entirely different
future, a different "you"? Rock Dad finds himself face to face with an alternate version of himself.
Includes bonus outtakes after the credits so make sure you watch it until the end!

5/20/17 - New Minisode Series: Arcade Bytes - Gamedays From The Vault
Arcade Bytes - Gamedays From The Vault

A short minisode directly from the basement arcade. This arcade byte highlights gamedays and other visitors to the arcade. What does a loaded arcade back in the day look like? Watch and find out!

Vintage Vault Arcade Tour 2016
This is the most recent video walkthru of the basement arcade.

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