7/20/18 - Bumper Pool - Double Vision
Four years ago I blindly picked up my first bumper pool table, sight unseen. Little did I know at the time I was going to pick up a 1956 coin up bumper pool table with lighted posts. The coin op mechanism accepts 2 dimes, and doing a little research the electrically wired bumper pools only ran for about 4 years. I did an LED conversion to neon blue at some point, and this game is the source of much mystery and competitive fun when guests are over. Now my brother has always admired my bumper pool, but said if he ever got one he would want a lit up one like mine. I told him the odds of finding another electrical one from the 50s is slim to none, or so I thought. I recently came across a for sale ad for a "you guessed it", and light up bumper pool! There are some obvious differences between the two, as mine was made by Bally and the second bumper pool is made by Chicago Coin Co. Here is the photo of the two, side by side, before I send the new one of to its new home. Success! To read more about the pickup of my first bumper pool table, go click here http://www.thebasementarcade.com/index0414.htm
7/03/18 - New Episode For The Level Up Mini Series Is Now Online!
Level Up - Episode 2: Marooned
The Final Frontier of computing, virtual reality is starting to come of age. What if full immersion virtual reality was availabe now? What would happen if you became stuck in that game? This new mini series explores Rock Dad's adventures through VR space with Bob the Bot (and Dave, who's Dave?). VW bus anyone?

6/24/18 - Gameroom Featured On LADbible
I get a request this last weekend from LADbible to edit a few of my Youtube videos to do a feature on their site. It is Facebook only, but if you have Facebook the link is at:

So far there is 1.185 Million views in just under a day and counting, along with 12 thousand likes and 5.7 thousand shares. I guess that means my home arcade went viral. If you have Facebook, enjoy! Thanks LADbible!
5/22/18 - Arcade Swag
One of the things people like about the Vintage Vault Arcade is all the swag that decorates the place, which is the culmination of years of searching for the right pieces. This includes vintage items, records, neons, posters and the like. I'm blessed in that my son not only works at Imo's pizza (which he got me an Imo's pizza poster a few years back) but he now works at the local movie theater. Over the weekend he took me to see Deadpool 2 and I happened across a movie poster bin, which is past posters that once hung in the theater. I dug through them and found a Ready Player One movie poster. He spoke with his manager and I ended up taking home this poster for free. It now graces the stairway into the arcade. Nice! If virtual reality and/or Ready Player One excites you then check out episode 1 below of my new mini series, Level Up!
5/12/18 - New Mini Series, Level Up Has Been Released
Level Up - Episode 1: Beta Release Day
I will just preface this with saying, I've been playing virtual reality games since the 90's, way before Ready Player One was even written. Yes, virtual reality was around in the arcades back then and eventually faded away for a time due to the expensive nature of the technology BITD. Now for the last many years, we are seeing a strong resurgence of VR, and its about time. This new mini series explores Rock Dad's adventures through VR space with Bob the Bot (and Dave, who's Dave?). VW bus anyone?

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