1/10/17 - New Years Eve Down In The Vintage Vault Arcade
Where else would one spend New Years Eve 2017? Down in the Vintage Vault Arcade of course! This kid friendly affair was the perfect playground for adults and kids. The kids got all hopped up on the candy machines and ran the arcade. They literally ran through it... many times. Parents got to eat, drink, play and sing.

Along with the festivities, parents got to listen to and karaoke to 2100+ music videos stocked in the Video Jukebox. Good times, and no one had to drive home!

*** It was almost as if the arcade watched the kids for us! For us 80's kids, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Before the days when Chuck E. Cheese stamped a kids and parents hands, OUR parents would drop us off at the arcade for an hour or two with a pocket full of quarters by ourselves. Good times!

Happy New Year and may the new year bring in all your collecting hopes and dreams.

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12/25/16 - Merry Christmas ~ New Rock Dad Episode filmed at the Vintage Vault Arcade!
Rock Dad & The Vintage Vault Arcade
Episode 13: Press Play

There is a mysterious message waiting for Rock Dad. Press Play.
This epic adventure takes him 30 years into the future with a little bonus Star Wars action thrown in.
Includes bonus outtakes after the credits so make sure you watch it until the end!
Playing video games, music, family and robots. It's a Rock Dad life.

12/14/16 - Defender Road Trip... A Christmas Story
Many years ago I owned a Defender. I was presented an offer I couldn't refuse. Someone wanted to trade a working Tempest and a working DigDug for my single Defender game. I loved Defender, but I could pass up a 1 for 2, with one of those being a color vector. I performed the trade, sold the Digdug (I already own a Digdug cocktail) and the Tempest still graces the gameroom. You can read about my this awesome trade roadtrip here at http://www.thebasementarcade.com/roadtrips9.htm.

Since that time, I always knew there would be another Defender in my future. Enter December 2016, and while browsing Craiglist I stumble upon a non-working Defender. I mention to my wife that this Defender would make a great Christmas present. With that little comment, the adventure begins. Read about the Defender Christmas story road trip at http://www.thebasementarcade.com/mygamesdefender2.htm

Vintage Vault Arcade Tour 2016
This is the most recent video walkthru of the basement arcade.

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