9/20/17 - New Addition To The Arcade - Centipede!

The most requested game for the Vintage Vault Arcade has been Centipede! It makes multiple top 10 lists (http://www.arcade-museum.com/TOP100.php) and also appears in the hit movie Pixels with Adam Sandler.

Well it looks like I finally got one in the Vintage Vault Arcade!

To find out everything about the Centipede road trip click here.

9/15/17 - The Arcade Experience
The arcade was and still is all about the experience, as well as the fun in playing those games.
If you were an 80's kid, this is what it was all about. If you missed this era, take a peak into our world.
This is a fun mini video taken from the next Rock Dad episode, still being filmed. Enjoy!

Vintage Vault Arcade Tour 2016
This is the most recent video walkthru of the basement arcade.

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