Pick Date: 2/27/16    I have a lot of arcade games. That is a fact. Probably more than the average collector. Now if you know anything about vintage arcade games then you know they made hundreds of titles in the 80s, and probably thousands or more large standups over the decades. I have done my best to collect the most wanted and remembered titles, rounded out with a bit of fun factor. Given this fact it astounds me how many times I get asked "How come you don't have *such and such* arcade game?" Maybe I don't live in a football stadium, maybe I don't have a bottomless pit of spending cash. Maybe, just maybe I don't like that particular title that you are so fond of. Yet....people still ask me.

One of these titles I happened to get asked alot about was from the moms.....where's the Frogger? Why don't you have a Frogger? Due to its popularity, Frogger has landed on every home console from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Xbox and Playstation. All the moms like Ms. Pacman, Galaga...and Frogger... and I don't have a Frogger. Hmmmpphhhh. Now we arrive at the present. I was talking to a collector friend of mine who just picked up 2 Revolution X arcade games. He was fixing them up and enjoying the game so much that he blurted out "I guess I'm going to have to sell a game to bring this in the house, I'll probably sell Frogger". Frogger? Wait a second, I've been wanting a Frogger. Well that's all she wrote. I bought his Frogger and brought it home. I gave it the royal Vintage Vault Arcade maintennance treatment and relocated it to "Mom Row"...which is now Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Frogger.

Unfortunately this story has a sad ending. My arcade is completely full also, which means if I buy one, I sell one. What do I sell? I like them all! Well I had a newer Crisis Zone which I kind of liked but it didn't hold fond memories from my childhood, basically I wasn't married to it. So I sold the Crisis Zone and brought in the Frogger. Honestly, I couldn't be any happier with the swap. Plus this particular machine has the added bonus of a freeplay and high score save kit, and brand new sideart. Bonus! Hop on!

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