Pick Date: 11/22/08    So my top 10 list of must-have video games eventually turned into a top 5 list, and then more recently a top 2 list. Those 2 games were Spy Hunter and Star Wars. I wasn't a big fan of driving games, but Spy Hunter wasn't just a driving game. Straight out of a James Bond action film, you are Spy Hunter, complete with your own theme music. You get to shoot at cars, and get "power ups" from a weapons van which allowed you to kill bad guys more easily. Throw in some rocking Peter Gunn theme music and you got a hit on your hands. Yes, Spy Hunter was a hit. Apparently it still is to this day, as this machine has been a scarce one. I have only seen one for sale in many years, and that one had a high price tag.

Enter a Super Auctions on a saturday. Among the many classics there was a Spy Hunter. I bypassed bidding on everything else, and was holding out for this one game. I waited 3 hours for the auctioneer to sell off this game and I jumped in as the first bidder. I figured I would use a bit of intimidation and bullying to win this one. As soon as another bid popped up I counter offered within seconds, letting them know they might as well give up. And give up they did. I won the game at a fair price, certainly much lower than its actual worth.

I get this game home and survey the damage. I already knew the steering and speed calibration was off, the coin door was busted into, a few lights were not working, and the sound was not adjusted properly. Pish, posh, I fixed all these problems in one day. Eventually I add a freeplay ROM to the mainboard for all that freeplay goodness in the arcade. That being said, I now have a fine example of another classic game from the golden era of video games. James Bond eat your heart out, I am Spy Hunter!

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