Pick Date: 7/7/07    That is the day that my friend Todd Weber got his dream machine, a Hat Trick cocktail table. We left at 6AM in the morning, and arrived back home with the arcade at 6PM. He won the arcade off of Ebay from some gentleman whom we never got his real name. We have lovingly called him Bob. Bob had an awesome collection of pinball machines in the basement, a 20ft minigolf in the garage, and this cocktail table still on a pallet.

The Hat Trick cocktail was sitting at an angle which you will see below. Why Bob left it in that position and played it that way in his garage, we don't know. We never did ask. Apparently after Bob originally brought the game home, he set the pallet in his garage and hadn't moved it since. My guess is he got tired of looking at it sitting that way and decided to sell it.

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