Pick Date: 9/24/09    Thanks to my good friend Pat who clued me in to this. This was advertised as 7 warehouse/storage spaces of equipment. Four of us local collectors, Pat, Todd, Kent and myself all met up to head on over to the storage units. It was a nice rainy day. Its always seems to be raining or snowing when I am picking up new games. So anyways when we met up with the guy everything had been consolidated into 3 storage units. There were not many classics, and a lot of conversions.

Among many of the games there, was a Stun Runner, Karate Champ, Gauntlet 2, and a very rare and very large Holosseum which is a laserdisc game using holographic technology. In the end, Pat was interested in a Demolition Derby, and I was interested in an Afterburner. After we started going through everything, I spied out an Ice Cold Beer. This is a highly collectible, electromechanical, fun to play item which fetches a solid price.

I made an offer to buy both the Afterburner and Ice Cold Beer and the gentleman accepted. I told him I would have to test out the games first. I plugged in the Afterburner and it was dead. Stone cold. Nothing. Now that is usually a good sign, if no power is getting anymore then you look at the fuses, power cord and power supply when fixing. I was able to get the guy to knock off another $75 for it not firing up. Then I plugged in the Ice Cold Beer. All the electronics were working, but the belts were broken and needed replacing. This is common with this game and didn't bother me.

About this time 3 more vehicles pulled in with prospective buyers, and that made me nervous, especially with that highly sought after Ice Cold Beer. I immediately ran up to the seller and paid for the games, and asked Kent to help me load the Ice Cold Beer in my van before someone else tried to counter with a higher price. Once in the van, I now had possession of it. Believe me, I have had a seller back out of a deal on me recently, I wasn't going to lose this one. After safely securing the games, I looked over some more stuff and picked up a brand new candy machine and a wood commercial style trash can for the game room. I was barely able to fit everything in the van, and the Ice Cold Beer was hanging out the back and the back hatch was tied down since it wouldn't close. I drove home with my haul in the rain, and then unloaded. All in all I was gone about 4.5 hours start to finish. I was able to fix the After burner by replacing a fuse and I fixed the Ice Cold Beer by replacing 2 belts and fixing a leaf switch. All is working perfect now.

Two more games in the gameroom! Wait a second, where am I going to put them? Oh dear, I'm almost out of room.
I'll make it work, trust me, I will make it work.
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