Pick Date: 5/28/12    Memorial Day Road Trip. I've been on a Valentine's Day Road Trip and an Easter Road Trip, but this is the first Memorial Day Road Trip. Alas, the road trip was not for my personal games. Fellow collector Todd asked me to come along and I volunteered my trailer for the day. The day started with your typical swimming and barbecue with family members. After eating time was over, Todd swung by to pick me up along with my trailer.

The trip was your typical hot sunny day. We arrived that the sellers house which appeared to be a bit on the small side. He directed us to the back alley to get access to his garage. We pull up to the garage and see the games Todd was going to pick up. That was a Golden Tee 2k, a Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command combo and a Fishermans Bait. The Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command combo is a good unit to have for space reasons. The Fishermans Bait has a unique fishing reel for a joystick, another reason Todd was buying it.

We could immediately see that there were other games in the garage. We asked the guy if they were for sale and he said everything was for sale. I immediately spied a 2 player Super Off Road, something Todd has been looking for since he started collecting. Todd asked how much and the guy said $75. Sold. Sold, sold, sold. This was now turning into a 4 game trip. The seller shows us a newer Sega Bass Fishing Challenge. At this point Todd decides he wants the newer fishing game instead of the Fishermans Bait. The problem now is the sale price for all 4 units has increased a couple of hundred dollars. I'm not sure, but the seller appeared agitated even though he was making more money and still getting a sale. Go figure.

We make a short trip to a Casey's gas station for some refreshments and so Todd can pull more money out of an ATM machine. We come back, pay the guy and load up. At this time a family member or friend comes over when we are loading up and tells us that they have 10 warehouses of games and parts to sell. TEN WAREHOUSES. You read it right. This trip has just become more interesting. Really interesting. We will see how this turns out in the future.

We bring the games home and unload at Todd's house. Today I go home empty handed. However, helping out a fellow collector is worth, especially with a future warehouse lead.

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