Pick Date: 12/17/12    Road Trip. The Force is strong in this one. Of course I'm talking about Megatouch Force 2008.5.

I have 2 Megatouch touch screens. One is a 2006 Maxx Crown. The other is a Jade 2005.5. Do I need 2 of them? Yes! During get togethers and holidays BOTH Megatouches get constant play. Personally, it took me long enough to get a Maxx Crown so I thought that was the latest version I would have for a long, long time. However, just weeks before Christmas a honey of a deal for a Megatouch Force 2008.5 in a Radion cabinet came up for sale. The cool thing about the Force line of games is that they had a 3d graphics chip on board which allowed for some new and exciting games to be added.

I called the guy and he said they were a business that puts games on location and he was retiring a few before Christmas to purchase new equipment. It was 6:30pm when I called and asked when we could meet. He said the business was open 8am to 5pm everyday. I knew if I waited until the next day that this deal would pass me by, so I asked if we could meet after hours. He said yes and off I was out the door on my next road trip.

I show up at the business Midwest Enterprises and met the guy and his father. His father owned the business and the son was home from college for the holidays helping to sell off some inventory. These guys were the nicest gentlemen you could meet and quite friendly. I asked if I could take a look around and take pictures. They said yes and even let me take a peak in the warehouse. I noticed the picture on that Megatouch was amazingly crisp and clear. I mentioned that and they told me that this machine just had a brand new picture tube installed in it recently. For the price? BONUS!

I pay the guys and off I go into the night. I swing by Jack in the Box for some deep fried tacos. I had taken off so fast out the door to make sure I got this deal that I missed dinner so this was it. I got the game home and plugged it in to give it a more thorough test drive. These new games were fun! Chug Monkey and tons of new Kids Club games were in there. The kids are going to love this little addition to the home arcade.

Alas due to space consideration one of the Megatouches had to go. Up for sale back to Craigslist went the Megatouch Jade 2005.5. Now the Force 2008.5 sits proudly in its spot. After getting the game tailored to my liking in the setup menu I also printed out some custom side art for the unit which it was originally missing. Thank you Midwest Enterprises for this sweet game. My Star Wars game IS my pride and joy in the gameroom, but now with this new Megaoutch I can definitely say the Force is with Me!

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