Yeah, I said it. This game is arguably the best driving game of all time. San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing first came out and raised the bar in racing games with realistic graphics and fast paced action. Then the sequel came out, Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition. This sequel included 4 new tracks, 4 new cars, new music and the ultimate race track, The Rock. Yes, this is the pinnacle of all racing games and what every successive game that eventually came out aspired to be.

I looked for one of these at a recent arcade auction, and all they had was two stripped out Rush cabinets, completely not working and not worth it. At that auction I bought my Robotron and had spent my cash. After that I had people wanting to sell me half working Rush the Rock's in Indiana. People were wanting to sell me converted Extreme cabinets for Rush the Rock prices. Still others were asking $1000 for this driving game. No thank you.

I had given up hope, and was moving on with that fact I will not own a nice up-to-date driver. Then the unthinkable happened. I received an email saying that there was an original working Rush The Rock for sale at a reasonable price. I was all over this like a hungry man on a hoagie.

I bought this game from a local arcade operator. Everything was working except for the force feedback in the steering wheel. I did some troubleshooting on the driver board and replaced 2 op amps to get the force feedback working again. I am extremely happy with this game, it immerses you into the race in such a way that no Xbox360 or PS3 ever could. You can read about San Francisco Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition by clicking here.

Fellow collector Keith came out today to the Vintage Vault Arcade and Gameroom. He gave me his old Mr. and Mrs. Pacman pinball backglass so I can hang it in the gameroom. Despite some flaking, this is a really nice art piece and will look great when I get it hung up. Thank you Keith. While hanging out he asked me about my Qix cocktail table, the one I picked up in a warehouse pick 2 months back. Well the story goes I tried to get it working, tried a new power supply, tried a new boardset, and in the end the game won out. It refused to stay working. I sold off both broken boardsets to a collector in Australia who wanted them as parts. This is the first time I have not been able to fix a game, despite all my efforts.

The goal was clear since this Qix refused to work with 2 different boardsets and a new power supply. This Qix will get multicaded, which means a boardset with 60 in 1 games will be installed in it including Qix. Keith asked for the game for a Multicade project so I let it go to clear some things off my slate and clear some room in the gameroom. This is the picture of the game after we loaded it into Keith's vehicle. It was a tight fit, but we got in in there. Qix, enjoy your new home.

This was down in the north wing of the gameroom where the TV, Xbox360, Wii, basketball hoops and foosball table are. I had it for small kids, and every once in awhile I had a ride on it myself. It really didn't get much action, so I had to sell it to make room for some new games coming in. You're gonna love whats coming next into the Vintage Vault Arcade and Gameroom. Stay tuned for future updates.

More games coming in, little room left, so something has to go. I picked up this Dangerzone 3 years ago. I never played it as a kid, and had never seen one before when I bought it. It has always been a so-so addition to the gameroom, so it was time for it to finally go on the chopping block. Little did I know that it was literally on the chopping block.

I tried selling it, tried lowering the price, and while it was up for sale the monitor started to get a pincushion effect. No one locally wanted this game, not even me. So instead this game got parted out. That is when every useable part is stripped from the game and sold off to whomever wants them. Apparently a lot of collectors from New York love this game and bought most of the parts.

All parts were finally removed from the game and the cabinet was torched. Yes, torched as in it became part of a bonfire. I don't advocate burning games, but it gave its life to save others. I can take solice in that. Sorry Dangerzone, you have been eliminated. R.I.P. Dangerzone - 4/18/10
You can read about when I picked up the Dangerzone by clicking here.

Yes it is. Thank you for asking. This game is fast paced, has awesome sounds and action and is coveted by many collectors out there. These days my "want" list is pretty small but this was one of them.

Fortunately this game was at an arcade auction I went to recently. Luckily for me, I was the winning bidder. The auction was interesting to say the least, and I also got to watch a pinball machine do a back flip off of a forklift and land upside down on a gravel parking lot.

I bought the game knowing the sound wasn't working, and it decided to give me a few more issues once I got it home. However, at this point in time I have fixed all the problems and it is now running smoothly. It has now entered the arcade.

To read more about this Robotron and the Arcade Auction click here.

Well, it was bound to happen. The arcade now has its own t-shirt. Athletic fit, just the way I like it. Mainly, I made up the shirt to advertise the website when I am out and about. Turned out pretty nice, don't you think?

I just posted some update gameroom pictures recently, but with a couple of new additions and some new signs I decided to post an update to the update. New pictures below!